The Work from Home Jewelry Guide

Work from home has brought a number of changes in our lives. There are no strict corporate protocols, and we can work in our most comfy attires. As far as men’s jewelry is concerned, if you are at home, you can always pull off minimalistic and sophisticated pieces. That’s because you will still have video conferences and meetings, and you cannot wear accessories that are too flashy or sheeny. So here’s your work from home jewelry guide to add that subtle accent to your personality: 1. Ring You are at home, in the most comfortable setup and clothes, and so you should opt for a ring that is snug, looks stylish, and does not feel extra or blingy. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be a distraction from your work. Silicone rings are one good option. These are comfortable, durable, and heat resistant without compromising on attractiveness. They’ll serve as a perfect daily wear ring. The Black Silicone 9mm double-lined safety band ring feels restful and modish. It is exactly what we are talking about. You can also opt for a Silver Stainless Steel Ridged edge with a Center Solid Carbon Fiber Band ring . This is another solid and lightweight ring that looks dapper and will be a well-suited daily wear accessory. Style suggestion: You should wear a maximum of 2-3 rings. Anything more than that looks extra! car 2. Neck Chain You don’t have to wear those heavy metal chains when at home. Get a chain that looks good and feels light. Something like the Silver Stainless Steel 4 mm Flat Curb Polished chain will do. It’s sleek, vibrant, and cool. The color Silver practically goes with all your casual outfits, so no matching concerns. Bracelet Casual bead bracelets look sassy. One of our hot selling items is the Brown Tiger Eye and Molten Lava Bead Expandable bracelet. The tiger’s eye is like an evil eye, and lava beads are said to protect you from anger and negativity. So working from home won’t get on your nerves. It’s expandable and comfortable. You will not have to remove it while doing some household work. In case you are inclined towards the chain bracelets, you can also check out the Blue Stainless Steel Denim fade Curb Chain Bracelet. It looks cool even with your track pants and flip flops. Style suggestion: In case you are wearing a bead bracelet, you don’t have to worry about any kind of matching, but if you opt for metallic bracelets, then make sure to match the metal of the bracelet with the metal of the watch. That’s the correct way to pair the two up. 3. Pendant A daily wear, lightweight, stylish and practical pendant like the Silver and Black Stainless Steel with Vertical Bar Pattern 2GB USB Pendant is a clever choice for work from home. This does not look chunky or calls for any kind of extra attention. 4. Earrings You can opt for sober and yet appealing studs like the Silver Stainless steel ball studs- basic, classy, and communicating your confidence and style statement. If huggies are your thing, then you can go for Black Stainless steel 2.5 mm huggies. Black is said to be modest and proud at the same time. So you can bring out your masculine side in the coolest possible way. All the pieces of jewelry are decent enough to add a charm to your personality without you being the center of attention. We want you to be noticed only for your good work and complimented for your style sense! INOX Jewelry is an American brand that sells high quality stainless steel and alternative metal jewelry. There are over 2,000 different jewelry designs in the INOX Jewelry collection. Designs range from classic, contemporary, religious, edgy to urban. INOX Jewelry offers a large variety of unique designs at affordable prices that are appealing to our customers worldwide. At INOX Jewelry, we take pride in the quality & craftsmanship of each piece.