Fashionable Silver Rings Online For Women

With their bright, lustrous aura, Silver rings find a high place in the new age jewellery. Designer silver rings have become the most popular among the segment of jewellery across the world. And somehow it has overpowered the popularity of gold jewellery. The increasing prices of gold has pushed many jewellery designers to prefer designing silver jewellery ornaments. Customers these days also prefer to purchase them because they are much more affordable as compared to gold jewellery. Today silver jewellery has been integrated in the fashion industry on a big scale and with its increasing demand jewellery designers have been incorporating modern and trendy designs into traditional jewellery . These techniques enhance the appeal and increase sales and leverage on their brand identity. People these days have started considering silver rings for their engagement ceremonies due to their budget friendly prices. Things to know One should always look into the properties of silver before purchasing any jewellery. Being a very soft and highly malleable metal and pure silver is much too soft to be crafted into jewellery made to last. The best silver for jewellery is considered to be sterling silver. Sterling silver is made with 92.5% silver and the rest is alloyed with 7.5% copper. The rings made of it are often treated with a process called “flashing.” During this process the bands are plated with a thin coat of silver which is 99.999% in purity to give the rings a finish of extra shine and luster. However, this plating will relatively wear off quickly if used in jewellery that comes in everyday use, especially rings and earrings. Sterling silver rings are also treated with Rhodium plating to increase their durability and shine. Although with time and use rhodium plating also wears off but you can get it renewed. They also go through a process called anti tarnish plating which prevents the jewellery from tarnishing in the longer run. Another process to safeguard your rings is E coating or electro coating which involves the method that uses electric current to coat the surface with an organic lacquer covering every corner of the piece with a protective coat. Rings are also crafted with what is known as “Mexican Silver” (usually in Central or South America), which are designed with an alloy that has a purity between 90-99%. As engagement rings and wedding bands As mentioned above, due to its increased popularity and budget friendly prices sterling silver rings are also used as engagement and wedding bands.They have been popular with couples for two main reasons: The look of these rings cannot be matched as no other metal has the radiance, lustour, and the natural shine of sterling silver. Sterling silver wedding and engagement bands are very affordable especially if compared to gold and platinum rings. They also come with extremely intricate and filigree work, engravings and are also quite affordable. Even if they are embellished with diamonds they are on par cost wise than diamond rings with gold or platinum. Wedding rings crafted in sterling silver are also the most sought after as they are available in an almost endless selection of styles. Because of the metal being so malleable, it is a favorite with jewellery designers. And as it can be moulded into unique designs that have been lovingly crafted by experienced craftsmen. Silver jewellery does not require rhodium plating either. While the plating does increase the durability of the rings but it also wears off. Silver rings, unlike white gold ones do not need rhodium plating to maintain it’s white lustrous shine. The main cons of these jewellery are its softness and durability. They are more tentative to get scratches and also bend under pressure. If the rings are thin in particular they will not wear well with time. They eventually tarnish too and need to be cleaned more often to maintain their gleam. Although with little care, silver rings can last in good condition for many generations. Popular Designs Handmade rings are one of the most liked designs, particularly for its unique detailing and are a favorite among couples. Few of the more popular styles of silver rings which include: rings embellished with precious and semi precious gemstones like aquamarine, blue topaz, green amethyst, red garnet, cubic zirconia, etc., which offer plenty of sparkle when set against sterling silver.