5 Things You Should Know About Belly Piercing Before You Do

Remember the belly piercing craze of the 1990s? Well, it looks like its back! Granted, of all the things we could get back into the fold from that decade, belly piercings seem like the better option (please, no boy bands). Still, adorning a belly button went through such a weird range of social acceptance and significant ridicule that it makes one wonder why exactly its making a comeback all these years later. For awhile, a belly piercing was the thing to do because all of the biggest pop stars in the world rocked one. It looked glamorous, enchanting, and was alluring in a very different way than just exposing skin. Then again, these piercings were also showcased on some of the most toned torsos on the planet. Wanting to get the same look & feeling, teens girls & young women flocked to local piercers in droves. As time went on, though, the belly piercing became more infamous & rather low-class, being chided rather than ogled. Even the most fervent lovers of the piercing started removing the jewelry for fear that they could be grouped into a less-than-savory kind of folk. Piercings closed up, scar tissue developed, shirts became a little longer, and the world seemingly left the belly piercing craze behind. Fast-forward two decades, and they’re back in the mix. Talking to piercers everywhere, the reasons for this resurgence vary. Some report clients want to reclaim a certain amount of sensuality & sexual confidence. Others loved their piercing from back in the day & want to get feel young again. Still, others are cultivating body piercings as a total package, with a belly piercing as an added jewel. If you’re thinking about a belly piercing, though, you need to know a few things before you do it. It’s not just about doing something to ‘pretty up’ your belly button. For example: Anatomy – Turns out that just because you want a belly piercing, it doesn’t mean that you can get one. Depending on how your belly button is shaped, getting a proper piercing done may actually be almost impossible. Even bigger is the need to know that your piercer can tell you as much. Infection – Think about jokes regarding belly buttons & the ‘stuff’ that can be found in them. This, along with a number of other things, can cause your piercing to become infected. According to a number of medical outlets & reports from piercers, belly piercings are some of the most susceptible places for issues. Allergies – You may not realize it, but allergic reaction to body jewelry are a common thing. In fact, you may already know you’re allergic to certain materials. If you’re not careful, you could have a very adverse reaction to a piercing, requiring immediate medical attention. Healing Time – While affordable & pretty darn visually impactful, belly piercings take awhile to heal. Like, in the range of six months to a year! Everyone is different, and healing times can vary, but be ready to be in it for a minute. Aftercare – The single most important part of any piercing is aftercare. You bear the most responsibility for keeping a piercing site clean & sanitized. Work with your piercer for recommended guidelines on how to do this right. Most failed belly piercings start & end with someone blowing off their aftercare routine. Perhaps the best way to get a proper belly piercing starts with going to the right studio. Do a quick search of your zip code & the term ‘belly piercing’. You’re likely to find a lot of possible options. What’s more, there’s a good chance you’re likely to go with the studio that has a good combination of favorable reviews & low prices. But there’s more to finding a good piercing studio than this. It takes a little homework & a willingness to be patient. You want the best results, not just good results now. Your patience will be rewarded.