15 Unique Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry Style Tips You Should Know

What’s fresh in your wardrobe? Are you styling it right without being boring or too obvious? We discuss the 15 unique styling tips to help you adorn the perfect fashion look. 1. Create a multilayered style with the ensemble of rings, bangles, and necklaces. Drop what you have and try to bring a fascinating style with the layers of rings, necklaces, and bangles. The jewelry marketplace gives you enough to embrace unique handmade jewelry with contrasting options to experiment with. Indeed, you should take this opportunity to pick the different lengths and discover what suits you best. 2. Don’t put on the “heavy” wear. Has anyone recently pointed out that it’s looking too “heavy” for accentuating your style? However, you don’t need anyone to intervene and suggest to you. Just try it yourself in front of the mirror. For example, do the full hand covering bangles overwhelm your style? Question and you will find out! 3. Carefully pick the earrings. Amid all the fracas of jewelry and metals and all, the polymer clay jewelry figuratively shines on for the masterfully unique aspect, such as colorful and vibrant hues, ingenious designs, and magnificent appearances. Browse what’s complimenting your hairstyle, eye color, and skin tone to match those pair of earrings. 4. Try and alter earrings for every week. The handmade jewelry available these days don’t cost you a fortune and neither they off-shine after repeated use. But, that doesn’t mean you can wear it on for weeks and not anyone notice. Give some rest to the pair and try new styles every twice or thrice a week. 5. Experiment with the mixing of metals. People are afraid that too much metal-mixing may give a mixed signal on fashion. Perhaps, it could turn out true if the outfit isn’t considered or styling isn’t taken into account. Innovative designers recommend experimentation of these mix-ups of metals while you wear an outfit to a party or club or elsewhere. 6. Wear the jewelry designed to inspire. Yes, you can wear the jewelry designed to inspire, especially when they bring out a subtle message with the style you want to pull off. Maximize your accessories accordingly and you can turn the true rockstar at an event. With these tiny little innovations, you harness the power to emboss your mark! 7. Choose the focal point of your jewelry. No doubt, handmade polymer clay jewelry will provide an outstanding feature to your ensemble, but you should bring about a visual focal point for drawing everyone’s attention. For instance, a solid and bold necklace with subtle earrings and rings will carry a direct focus on the necklace. Or, you may choose to not wear those rings & earrings too! As a jewelry shopper, you come across a wide variety of professional websites showcasing both vintage, contemporary, and fusion styles. When it comes to polymer clay, you have an exquisite display to explore online and bring those marvels to make fashion on point. Check these instant tips to create unique and stylish jewelry for yourself! Use the polymer clay to roll out the designs of your choices. If you have got no idea at all, you can explore patterns of earrings that you are currently wearing or browse online (check images up close to trace a pattern!). Since clay seems like normal dough, you won’t have a problem to knead patterns or use molds to give them proper shape. Use an appropriate pin to make holes on the polymer clay pattern, so that it doesn’t go out too big or small to accommodate the jump rings. Next, utilize the pliers to install the jump rings with the oven-bake clay and join two or more clay patterns. You may goof up right at the beginning (or may not), so don’t worry too much. Just give it a go and get it done.