How to Choose Your Next Perfume

There are an overwhelming number of scents to choose from these days. It’s no surprise that people find it difficult to find the right perfumes and aftershaves when there is simply so much on offer. Whether you are looking for a new smell to define your new and improved look and persona, or buying a scent to match the season, getting your hands on the right perfume can be a challenge. Yet, despite this, we all know that choosing the right scent is an important task. As well as matching your character and taste, you also need to find a scent that is affordable, so that you can keep purchasing it time after time. To help you with this task, we’ve outlined some of the essential things you need to know before you go perfume hunting. 1. Understand the terminology You first need to understand what the language means before you can make an informed decision about your next perfume. While you can choose something completely based on you sense of smell, it helps to know how perfume is describe so that you can discuss with a shop assistant or understand an online description of a particular bottle. This is especially important if you are looking at online perfume deals, because you will be relying on the website’s description of the scent. When describing perfumes, people often refer to top, middle and bottom notes. This generally refers to the way a scent can change over time. The top will refer to the very first smell, often the strongest, which will fade quickly in under 20 minutes. Next, the middle note describes the ‘body’ of the scent, and lingers for a couple of hours. Finally, the bottom scent is what you are left with when the strong perfume smell fades out. Ultimately, it’s not about the individual notes but how they all work together and complement your own natural scent. Getting this right, and understanding the language, is one trick to getting the purchasing process right. 2. Take your time When deciding on your scent, even after you have tried it on in the shop and liked it, make sure you give yourself some time to think about it, Firstly you need to let the smell develop and review whether you are still happy with it. Secondly, you can never really distinguish a smell in a store when there are so many other fragrances in the air. The best thing to do is take your time and perhaps try it on a few times to make sure you are happy with the fragrance before you buy it. Also, why not ask friends and family what they think? After all, your scent is something that will be shared with those around you and they may have some words of wisdom when it comes to what matches your personality. Tester sticks are a useful way of taking the smell with you and can give you a better sense of what the smell will be like in real life, if you check it when you have left the store. 3. Don’t be afraid to change With so many perfume deals available today, it can be tempting to try multiple options from different designer brands. And there’s nothing wrong with this. You might also get a bottle for Christmas or your birthday, which means you have a selection of different bottles. But despite all this, you should never be afraid to admit that you are not happy with your current selection and need a change. To truly get your perfect scent, it could take years of trying and testing, so don’t feel disheartened if none of your current bottles are a match. We recommend experimenting with different scents over the course of a few months or even years to see how you like different flavours and fragrances. This will let you see what the smell is like in different situations (parties, work, meetings, family life etc.). Finally, when you find something that suits you, don’t be afraid of sticking to it! There’s nothing wrong with buying the same bottle every year after it runs out. In fact, this is one of the best ways to project a sense of consistency in your personality that people can connect with.