Latest Mens Fashion Trend in 2020

Finding the latest men’s fashion is always a hassle. With a seemingly never-ending drip of new-ins and new-outs, it can be hard to identify the latest fashion trend. Furthermore, playing catch up with the newest menswear collections can be hard both on your wallet and your wardrobe. Luckily, online shops in Kenya , such as Jamboshop have made it easier for you to identify the latest men fashion trend and get it at an affordable price. When you shop online, you can discover a range of the most up to date men’s fashion ranging from men’s fashion accessories such as the best wrist watch for men to men’s fashion clothing such as trendy jackets. To give you a head start on the trends that most struck a chord, and to help you weed out the stuff that you do not need, here is our edit of the trendiest outfit choices that have been making waves on the men’s fashion circuit in 2020. Ripped Jeans Both in Kenya and around the world, ripped jeans is making its way back after decades in the ashes. Last year they were a big trend among men, and the trend seems to be getting better and better. This year ripped jeans have achieved the title of the best men’s trouser in 2020 with surveys suggesting the jeans to be most preferred and worn by most men. The designs of ripped jeans are getting even more brazen with most people finding it attractive to have a bigger rip. Putting on a ripped design jeans shows off your exquisite taste and keeps you in fashion style. Sweatshirts You probably know that looking cool might not mean being all formally dressed up. These days, it could also mean putting on a simple yet trendy outfit such as a hooded sweatshirt. Hoodies are quite famous and are fashionable casual wears for men. When you shop online, you can find varieties of hoodies for men that in different designs and feel very comfortable. Besides choosing the right hoodie can make you look cool and fashionable. Jackets It’s indispensable for every man’s wardrobe to have either a men’s casual jacket or a coat. However, to look stylish, you have to look out for a stylish jacket. With a stylish jacket, you can rock various activities from weddings, family gatherings, hikes to birthday parties. Currently ripped denim jackets are trendy and gaining a lot of popularity among youths. To completely give it a classy look you can wear it with a nice piece of shoes, a designer t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. Men’s accessories It’s probably apparent that well-chosen accessories can take an outfit to a whole other level. Wearing an accessory be it a silver chain for men or just merely putting on a cap can make your look divert from 0 to 100 instantly. However, accessories used wrong can spoil your whole look and even ruin your confidence. Men’s bracelets have been among the top trendy men’s accessories for quite some years. In 2020, watches have slightly surpassed bracelets with varieties flooding the market. Sunglasses are also catching up with the trend with statistics indicating more men in Kenya in 2020 have been spotted wearing shades. Casual Shoes Over the years, men’s footwear fashion has been marked by a move away from minimalism and simplicity and towards trendy designer shoes. These days, there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of the best shoes for men. Same as the last two years, rubber shoes are still the most prevalent footwear among men. The rubber shoes are available in different designs with Nike and Adidas topping the list of the most trendy shoe brand.