Important Things to Know When Cleaning a Spray Tan Booth

Whether your spray tan booth is for private or professional use, just like any other piece of expensive equipment, it needs to be cleaned regularly and properly as well as being repaired when necessary to maintain it in it’s best possible working condition. Doing so will ensure your warranties and guarantees will be honoured if required. If you use your spray tan booth as part of your beauty business it can be difficult to find the time to do regular cleaning, but fortunately cleaning your spray tan booth and the rest of your spray tanning equipment is a reasonably simple and straight forward procedure. If you are using a portable spray tan tent as a spray booth, it should be cleaned after each use. This may not be possible in someone else’s home or area, so it should be wiped clean with an absorbent towel. Once wiped, place it in its waterproof carry bag and take to the next job or home again. The spray will naturally dry very quickly, but normally your blown dry using an air hose and your toe and finger nails are cleaned as these areas can have a buildup of colour Once you’re dried, you can dress, but you should wear loose fitting clothes to avoid any rubbing as it can take up to eight hours for the formula to set properly, but your therapist will advise you on the particular type of spray used and its requirements. At the end of each session the spray gun needs to be rinsed thoroughly inside and out and then place into the carry bag along with the hoses and any accessory you use. Once you get home or your usual place of work the portable spray booth tent needs to be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and a very mild soap or detergent. See the spray tan booth’s manufacturer’s directions regarding the types of cleaner that are recommended to use so you don’t harm the fabric. Using a harsh or strong alkaline detergent can damage the waterproofing property of your spray tan booth or the stitching holding it together. Cleaning your spray tan booth If you have an outside area, normally that is the best place to clean your spray tan booth, but if not, then the shower or bath tub are also suitable places. Place your spray tan booth upside down so you can rinse out the inside and use your spray tan applicator to thoroughly rinse all the surfaces. A recommended cleaner can be used or a mild soap and a soft scrubbing brush will remover most of the tan spray colour as they are plant and water based, so easily clean off in water. The spray colour washing away from your booth will not harm your bath or shower. Once thoroughly cleaned, which normally takes only a few minutes, your spray tan booth should be completely dried in indirect sunlight or in an area with a breeze. If you need to dry on a cold day towel dry the inside and outside of your spray tan booth and leave it to finish drying under a fan. If you have a fixed tan booth wash it in the same way and if it’s not fitted with a drain plug use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove any excess water from inside. Don’t forget to clean the candle or oil sent lamps if using. Spray tan booths are easy to clean if done regularly. Normally, after each session the inside should be wiped down with a clean towel. A damp cloth with a very mild soap can be used if needed and then rinsed off when you clean the spray tan gun.