Four High on Trend Accessories to Incorporate in Your Video Beauty Looks

From business executives to Social media influencers, everybody is keen on looking minimalistic, fresh and well put to make an ever-lasting impression via Live chats and video meetings. While these public figures might have a few hands of their stylist behind them, a lot of people still figure out the chemistry that goes behind looking picture perfect. Identical to the evolution of high street apparel and beauty looks over the years, the fashion of today’s jewelry has also emerged with a series of changes in the past and has settled towards classy, elegant, and fine products. Dainty layered chains, stacked rings, clustered bracelets, and eccentric earpieces are dominating the celebrity world. Meanwhile, the resurgence of 80s and 90s trends have pushed hair accessories to the verge of ruling the e-markets with the help of Instagram influencers promoting vintage-inspired products and encouraging designers to create pieces which are the statements makers for many high-profile looks . Once again let us be your go-to online stylist and show you some on fire accessories you can use during your virtual activities. Chunky hoops Bold jewelry is ruling runways and taking the fashion industry by storm. From cumbersome chain necklaces to signature animal-inspired pieces, the audience is making sure to lay their hands on some scene-stealing ornaments. Quarantine might not be the best time to wear statement pieces but going a little overboard with the ever famous hoops won’t hurt anyone. Since it’s important to look formal but not OTT, we suggest to bring out all of your favorite hoops from your drawers and pick a conversation-starter pair for your next meeting. Make sure your tresses don’t go in the way of your polished earpieces. Stacked rings If you wish to make full use of the video calls to bring back the lost moments where you would serve killer looks, look no further and stack your favorite jewels as if you are prepping for a magazine cover shoot. Earrings might be everyone’s goes to choice to amp up their workwear or high casuals, but rings are something not many people will choose to pair up with their attires. Stack up itsy golden or silver rings and show off your fingers while you explain stuff to your colleagues so it looks more engaging and playful. Experimenting with your look is much easier when your facial and hand movements come forth and emphasize the effort you put behind looking picture ready. Bandanas These head wears are officially a millennial’s choice for summertime OOTDs. Easy to carry and serving a good purpose, it didn’t come as a surprise when every other fashion brand started selling these scarf headbands in their stores. From printed silk bandanas to playful knotted ones, every piece worked its way to accentuate basic hairstyles and add a pop of color to lifeless tops. These headbands allow you to put minimal to no effort in planning for a hairstyle. Brush your strands and stretch out a bandana to pull away those nasty baby hair or tie a basic bun and knot a scarf over your head and you are done! Pearl/Metal hairpins. Since glitters and sparkles are making a comeback in cosmetic beauty as well as semi-formal wear, it’s evident that you’ll find them making a place for themselves in accessories too. We are glad that sparkly, pearly characteristics are not limited to jewelry only as we notice pear and crystal-encrusted hair clips taking the charts by storm. Runways, weddings, workplaces, photoshoots, all occasions have seen the light of styling hair with chic hairclips and it’s time zoom meetings do too. Sleek and best suited for a pinch of glam, these blingy hair accessories will assist you to take virtual beauty looks a notch higher.