Women’s Perfume – Can Men Use Them?

This has been a question since ages. Women’s perfume – can men use them? The answer is yes. Men can use women’s perfume and actually has been doing it since long now. In 2006 Tom Ford’s Black Orchid perfume launched and took over the market in the blink of an eye. It became women’s favourite fragrance. But as days passed, another interesting fact was noticed. Men too started showing a great liking towards this perfume. And now years later, it is completely forgotten that it was initially meant to be for women. As men are hesitant to use women’s perfume, to keep up with the market, the producers decided to name the men’s perfume as ‘cologne’ and the women’s as ‘perfume’. A cologne was specifically named so, for its high intensity of fragrance. ‘Cologne’ or ‘eau de cologne’ initially was a determination of strength of any perfume. As the cologne of the men’s perfume was, with time, increased, they were named after it. Now, what’s the difference between men and women’s perfume? Actually, if we look at history, we can see that perfumes were never meant to be different for men and women. The term ‘men and women perfume’ has really complicated things lately narrowing the scope of men to explore the wide varieties of perfume in the market which women can enjoy. Let’s add up an example to boost your inclination a little more. Suppose, you are in a club where the music is too high. So if you want to make a contact, you have to go close to the woman. In the process, her scent could get transferred onto your body. When you meet another woman, she can smell the ladies’ scent on you. You might think that this turns her off but according to the study by some psychologists, women want men who are desired by other women. Let’s take a moment out, and think about this. How many times has it happened with you, that you wanted a better half for yourself who was actually better? Like, you always want to get the man or woman who you think you can’t get because when you get him/her, it gives you ultimate satisfaction which nothing else can give. This was the psychology used in this case. When the woman smells other woman’s perfume on you and feels that you are popular among women, she will try to have you because it makes her feel that you’re wanted by girls, and hard to get. Hence, the smell of women on your body actually attracts her more towards you. Here is a list of ‘men and women perfumes’ to start with which can be used both by men as well as women. 1. Black Orchid by Tom Ford – This is one of the most popular perfumes desired by both men and women. At first, it might give out a floral, girly fragrance but with time the fragrance turns into a blend of chocolate and creamy vanilla which as you know can turn on women easily. 2. Angel by Thierry Mugler – This one also has a counterpart, named ‘Angel Men’, which isn’t so famous because of the tar smell it gives out overpowering it’s real chocolaty smell. But this perfume is a darling as women like it more on men than on themselves. 3. Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle – As the saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ or as here is the case by its name, this perfume suits for on men than women. The blend of rose, patchouli, amber and musk makes it a scent desirable by both men and women. So guys, let’s break the stereotypical tag ‘men and women’s perfume’ and term it as just ‘perfume’. Wear it with confidence, with the correct attire and style and you can make any perfume your signature perfume.