Why Do Chef’s Wear Those Wild Pants?

One of the main reasons that Chef’s prefer their pants to be made in black, checked or wild prints is to cover any dirt or grime, spills and splashes attributed to working around in a busy kitchen. These printed and checked Chef Pants make sure that no one else will see the dirt that has got on it, because although a Chef Coat can be changed if something spills on it, Chefs can’t be changing their pants all the time. Out of the options available, some of the most best-selling Chef pants are the checked ones. These black and white checkered Chef pants are usually made baggy and loose, so that the Chef can move easily in the kitchen. Chefs will need to walk briskly, bend, turn and do a lot of movement while working in the kitchen, and it would be difficult to do these if they wore tight restricting pants. This is one of the main reasons that most Chefs prefer the loose, baggy pants. Some of these best-selling Chef pants also include large pockets that a Chef can carry their tools, dish towel etc easily, in case they need these while working. Baggy Chef pants also protect them from hazards in the kitchen, because the looseness of the pants prevents flames or hot liquids from reaching the skin immediately. Chef pants are made from 100% cotton breathable fabrics to provide better insulation for the wearer. The kitchen is a very hot and steamy area, and this helps keep the wearer cool and comfortable. This fabric needs to be of high quality and very durable, as well as being tear resistant and lightweight. They are usually made with an elastic waistband for greater comfort, and cords for added safety. Another style of Chef pants are the traditional tapered design, which conforms to the body’s shape but still does not get tight so that it restricts movement. Chef pants can vary in design, style and color according to the designation and hierarchy of the chefs working in the kitchen. A Head Chef will usually wear plain black pants with a white stripe on the side, while a pastry chef or other specialty chef may have white pants with a thin black stripe on the side. Kitchen staff allocated different tasks and assistants of chefs may have different solid-colored pants so that their duties can be known with only a glance of their uniform. However, as we said, most Chefs do prefer the checked or printed pants as it hides spills and dirt very well. Why is a Chef’s uniform important? Ensures good hygiene – Normal clothing could carry a lot of contaminants such as pet hair, dust etc, and thereby contaminate food, which is why a specific uniform is important for a chef. Personal comfort – The heat of a working kitchen can become unbearable at times, and wearing the appropriate uniform is of the utmost importance. The uniform including the Chef pants should allow for greater air flow and breathability, and the fabric should not irritate the skin. Professionalism – The appearance of your kitchen is very important, especially if you have an open kitchen. A proper uniform gives the chef and the establishment a certain degree of professionalism creating greater confidence in the minds of the customers, and staff are easily identifiable. In recent times Chef pants has been revolutionized by the designers and manufacturers by adding a sense of style to them, with various different cuts and designs. They have different cuts for men and women, and these pants are available in a wide range of colors and prints, so there is something for everyone out there. There are also some new fabrics that are being used, which provide greater heat and fire resistance to the wearer, while still not compromising on their ease of movement and comfort. With the latest technologies even things such as chef uniforms are being enhanced and new innovations are being introduced all the time.