What is a Stetson hat and why you need to buy one?

When we think of the west American people, we often get an image in our heads that tell us what we are imagining. The main image of the west was made because of the famous hat making company on there, which was established in 1865 and which was the original creators of the cowboy hats. So they made these hats and they helped western people get a specific image that has lasted till today.

But wearing the cowboy hat or the Stetson hat is also very important thing to consider because there is a specific etiquette linked to it and not everyone knows how to wear a Stetson hat perfectly. So this post is all about it and it will help you know it all with ease and perfection.

First of all,

What is a Stetson hat?

A Stetson hat is the one that has a wide brim and it has a high crown as well. the brim is often edged and it is rolled up as well. the rolling is optional and if it is done, it is done either by the manufacturer or by the owner himself.

Almost all the Stetson hats are similar but there are a few things that set them apart. One major difference is the difference of the material. Some hats are made from felt, some are made from leather and some are made from straw. All these specifications will give you hats with different texture but all are called the cowboy hats or the Stetson hats.

When the hats were made initially, the wide brim was used to provide protection from the heat and sun and the large hat was made water proof to provide protection from all kind of weather.

But when you go to purchase one of these hats, you will see that these hats are pretty costly and you will need to pay a good amount to get only one of these articles.

The reason behind the high cost is the fact that these hats are highly flexible and durable. So you can use them around the years, casually and formally both.

When you will start using this hat, you will then come to know its benefits and you would be amazed by it.

Since most of the times, the fabric used for it is the leather, therefore these hats are long lasting and highly durable product.